We provide lease, setup and support of FreeBSD/Linux dedicated servers. We aiming at full monthly server support, as this allows you to take into account the individual subtleties in the configuration, as well as provide the full amount of timely (and emergency) server support without waiting for a request from you.

When ordering a server, we include for free:

To the question «Who needs this?» we answer – to projects with servers:

In addition to full support, we can provide you one-time services.


If you already have a server, but without administration, we will be happy to offer full monthly maintenance (from $100 per month per server, but discounts are possible):

One-time services (from $25 per hour, but it is possible to agree on a fixed price):


Want to setup a web server yourself, but don’t know where to lease unmanaged server? We recommend you Instant Dedicated: servers of any configuration, prices are discussed and an adequate response to abuses.



We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum (USDT TRC-20, ERC-20), Paxum, PayPal and wire transfers.


A telephone number will be provided upon request.